Switch Customs Brokers B.V.


Dear visitor, a warm welcome from our team!

Switch Customs Brokers B.V. is a specialized customs facilitator based in Bergschenhoek/Rotterdam mainport area. We assist clients in their need for efficient import- and export routings. Various customs licenses and AEO registration are in hands to guide your process.

Switch Customs Brokers B.V., founded in 1992, is your partner for your customs import- and export activities. A trained staff with up to date knowledge of customs regulations makes us your reliable partner in this specific field of international trade.

Our merge of 1st of January 2023 withVan den Bogerd Transportgroep expands our services in national- and international road carriages. With over 160 owned vehicles we can offer all modes of haulage.

For over three decades we provide a full range of logistic solutions. Quality, stability and a high service level are key values in our company. Switch is “The company where people return to”

Switch Customs Brokers B.V. operates in the top end of logistics. Red carpet treatment and extreme service level is in our DNA. To maintain this level we regularly use following phrase.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten
– Benjamin Franklin –