“Together we can achieve more than the standard,
choose for the quality logistics of Switch“


Switch Group Europe B.V., is over three and a half decade a solid partner in national- and international logistics.

Our employees are highly skilled in supply chain management and specialized in project logistics. A team of trained and experienced people is available to assist you in the maze of international logistics.

Markets and industries we operate in
- Graphic
- Automotive
- Financial
- Fashion
- Agricultural

Modes of transport
- European road haulage in full and less trailer loads
- Courier deliveries
- Airfreight
- Oceanfreight
- Combination : multimodal logistics

Glimpse of our rich history

It all started in May 1979, Switch International Trailers B.V. was founded by the 24 years old Jan de Ruiter. It was the beginning of a successful journey based on honesty and continuous enthusiasm.

For Switch International Trailers B.V. it was a year of discovery, development and effort. The years that followed were used for impressive expansion and during these “golden years” our company rooted in international logistics, always searching for new directions and unique solutions to assist our customers.

In July 2015 the company changed its name to Switch Group Europe B.V. A new generation continues the legacy of the original founder. Nowadays the company is owned by Martin Cornelis, he started working for Switch International Trailers B.V. in 1988.

We all know the company and company ideas intensively and can guarantee our customers a continuation of the famous “Switch Solution”.

Our team, consisting of people with long term company loyalty, is ready to assist you in future logistic solutions.

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